Thursday, December 3, 2015

In A World Where Youth Hold Power

"...Youth in Action...[an] organization that's all about young people- their capacity to lead, their natural ability to innovate, and their desire for positive change."
From they very first lines the tone is set that Youth hold the power. Youth in Action stands for its belief that Youth have the ability to create a community that can make a difference. The main difference if youth and action and other organizations is that the adults are there to support the youth in what they want to achieve. By supporting the youth they are creating a safe environment for them to grow,learn and make mistakes. They are empowering Youth to  create opportunities withing the community. They are empowered by  the environment allowing them to grow.
"I like that I'm part of a place where there are so many different options. The trust, respect, and openness makes us stronger."
Based on some of the stories it is clear that for the current directors and leaders of the program had past experiences in which all they needed to succeed was some one to help them, to work WITH them. When they finally find that person or space they had the opportunity to improve. Youth in Action makes that space for youth.

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