Monday, October 26, 2015

My Story ft My Mother and many others

I can name many people that have helped me co-create.
     My step-father that came into my life and took me to father daughter dances.
     My sister, who's rebellious nature made my parents keep a closer eye on me.
     My boyfriend that keeps me sane
     My best friend from middle school that opened my eyes
     My high school teacher Deloris Grant for giving me experience of a life time and making me try new things.
     My high school math teacher Anthony Kulla for making me love math and showing me his passion for teaching.
     My family in Guatemala for showing me to be grateful of every opportunity I have
     My aunt for letting me be a big sister to her daughter and newborn son
     My godmother for always being there
     and last but not least my mother.
My mother drove my older sister and I across the country from California to Canada/New England. She was a single mom for many years.She suffered financially for many years. She was an immigrant who worked hard, learned English and became a citizen. But she stressed the importance of her struggles and made me want to be educated and successful to make her proud. She is amazing for that. I wouldn't be here today if it were not for her. However for this assignment we had to choose our list and fill it with people who have both been good and bad in our lives and I've also had many bad experiences because my mother that has shaped who I am. When my mother moved cross country I lost the chance to ever speak to my birth father and that has always left me guessing. Because my mother struggled so much she stressed education. When my siblings were unable to continue their education the pressure was thrown on to me, the youngest and last hope. My mother found many ways to keep me close. She has said encouraging things and things that made me lose self esteem.
Everything she has done is for our sake and now I wish more than ever to have my diploma for her sake.


  1. The bond between mother and daughter is always something so special. I can see where wondering about your birth father can be a let down in the co-authoring because it leaves so many questions, but everything happens for a reason and maybe one day you won't have so many questions. As for your mom's struggles, I can completely relate in wanting to do better and succeed for your mom because that is how I feel. I feel my success is my parents success especially because they were not granted the pleasure of furthering the education. I hope that you show how grateful you are for your mom, for the good, the bad and the ugly things life can throw your way.

  2. Jasmine,

    After reading your blog I can see how strong your bond is with your mother. I can see why you feel so pressured to get your degree. It seems like your mom has made a lot of sacrifices and choices she felt would be best for you and your siblings, even though you feel like it affected the relationship between you and your father. I understand the pain of not being close to a parent, it can be very hard.. You have made the best out the situation you were put in! You should be so proud :)