Saturday, September 19, 2015

What's Your Sign? YDEV Ideology Horoscope

After taking the Ideology Inventory Quiz I realized that my score was most best matched to Positive Youth Development. After reading what each of the three categories were I was glad that I scored within this category. I think this was the best fitting for me because I truly believe that youth workers should build on the strengths of youth and help them become healthy adults. When I think of youth workers I think of people who are supporters of youth that help guide them to reach their goals as apposed to teaching them what they should do. However when taking the quiz, my scores also evenly matched critical youth development. In critical youth development adults and youth work together to make a better place. Just as positive development I believe that youth and adults both play important roles and even if youth workers are there to help guide it is the youth that are ultimately in control of what they get out of it.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Characteristics of A Youth Worker

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     A youth worker has many characteristics. Youth workers are educators. This means that first and for most youth workers are educators and teachers, the only difference is that youth workers are not your traditional teachers. Youth workers are after school teachers, coaches and so much more. Youth work is also a social practice. Youth workers generally work in group settings. The encourage social interactions between peers, members of a community and families. This is done through meaningful play, ice breakers and many different activities. In a program like Tall U, they use games, ice breakers and performances to grow interaction between the community at Central Falls. Like Tall U and many other programs and activities like the after school Japanese Club I taught, students have a choice. They choose to be part of these programs unlike traditional classroom settings where they are forced to take certain classes. Youth workers are not just educators. Youth workers encourage youth to have a voice. Youth workers are advocates and encourage youth to advocate and have a voice. Youth Work is also a social practice. Youth workers help to provide opportunities that the typical school setting can not provide. Like coaching in sports. It is a way to learn team work and responsibility and learn how to manage time. This gives youth a different setting for them to learn,socialize and grow. Finally Youth workers are actively challenging inequality and work towards social justice. To me this may be one of the most important things youth workers are. This means that youth workers have to be aware of their baggage and opinions in order to show no bias. A youth worker must be attentive to any inequalities and make sure to provide equal chance for all their youth!

Monday, September 7, 2015

About Me!

If you could only chose 5 photos to describe yourself what would you chose?

For my photos I decided to choose some of my hobbies and interests. I love photography and the first picture is a picture of my "baby" my first camera not attached to a cellphone. Below is an internet photo of the one place that inspires me the most. . . Japan! I love the language and its culture and hope to study there some day. Japan has influenced other hobbies of mine such as drawing, gaming, and reading. I love to read Japanese Manga (comic books) and playing Japanese video games (basically anything Nintendo). However, I also enjoy reading in general. So, that's the basic ingredients into making me who I am!