Monday, December 7, 2015

Context Map

The boys have committed the same offense but Mitch knows that they did not commit the same offense for the same reasoning. Mitch knows the stages of identity vs. role confusion”. Antwon and Julian may have committed the same offence but because each one is at a different stage they committed  the same offence for different reasoning. That being said giving them the same punishment would be a useless punishment to them. what might benefit on would not benefit the other. Julian is asked to list the many places and relationships he must face on a daily basis.

Achieved Identity: An individual who is no longer exploring, and feel they have found their identity. They are no longer in search.
Foreclosed Identity:  This is when an individual is completely committed to a single life path. They do not explore other routes or options. Sometimes this occurs when this life path is entrusted to them or they feel they are limited to their choice due to their location/ environment.
Diffuse Identity: This is when an individual has explored possibilities however, has not been able to commit psychologically.
Identity Moratorium: Once again this identity is without commitment. They actively explore different behaviors, relationships, and beliefs.

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